Create cost-effective, stunning videos that advertise your products and services in a unique and engaging manner. The most successful businesses rely on video marketing to get their message across, and as most people respond to this method of media best, we use strategies that are tailored to grab attention and sell. Create captivating videos that tell a story. We brainstorm with you to produce stunning videos that serve promotional or informative purposes and enhance your client's online experience.

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Video Production

Our Video Process


Brainstorming and Consulting

The brainstorming process is when we work with you to generate an idea and craft your main message


Once we have identified your message and the intent of the video, we start sketching the idea on our storyboard, and wait for the green light from you


Once you are satisfied with the message and the storyboard, we create the video

Voice Over Addition

We add voiceovers if necessary, male or female voiceover artists are available

Music and Special Effects

Finally, we add music and special effects and the video is complete

Our Video Process

Our videos are usually between last between 1 – 6 minutes, taking the user’s attention span into consideration and based on the product or service being marketed

We can help you with tutorials, advertisements, typography, reviews, and any other business or marketing message

You can receive your videos in a multitude of formats, including AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, and MP4

Our videos are  Search Engine Optimization and are developed to integrate seamlessly with your SEO strategy and include keywords that are readable by crawlers and bots

Marketing your videos is not part of the video production package, but we do provide video marketing services as a separate option for clients who want to push their video visibility further. We do this by placing your videos in strong and relevant directories that reach a wider audience

Successful video marketing communicates the story of your brand, increases your conversion rate, and establishes a relationship between your business and the client, especially if it hits specific emotional or pain points

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