Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as they represent a contract between you and Slide Sigma. The policies outlined in this Terms of Service is effective immediately upon making a deposit payment to begin work on your project.

  1. Terminology

You – (“the Client”)

Us, We – (Slide Sigma, herein referred to as “the Company”)

The Project – (The work that is being undertaken for the Client, which may consist of several connected parts such as consultation, website design, and website development)

  1. Communication with Slide Sigma
  2. We offer in-person, telephone, text message and e-mail communication options. Our preferred method of communication is through e-mail, which allows you and us to keep track of our communication history.
  3. Telephone calls between Slide Sigma and the client may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.
  4. In-person meetings with Slide Sigma and any of its employees must be conducted within the five boroughs of New York City.
  5. The first in-person meeting is free of charge. Any and all subsequent in-person meetings will incur a transportation fee and additional costs for time spent with the client. This fee amount is determined by the location of the meeting and the approximate time which will be spent with the client. This fee must be paid prior to meeting with the client.
  • Pre-Design Process

Our pre-design process consists of multiple information and data gathering sessions that may be conducted through questionnaires, in-person meetings, e-mail, or telephone correspondence. The client must provide Slide Sigma with detailed information as to what the detailed requirements of the project are, and must provide this information in a reasonable and timely manner.

  1. Payments, Fees and Deposits
  2. Upon a verbal and written agreement between you and Slide Sigma, a deposit of 50% must be placed prior to the commencement on the work of the project. The project will remain on Slide Sigma’s server, and developed over the agreed-upon timespan between you and Slide Sigma, and will be edited based on your feedback.
  3. Upon completion of the project, the remaining agreed-upon balance must be paid prior to Slide Sigma uploading the website on the client’s server. Slide Sigma reserves the right to retain the deposit if the project has been started on, or if the client breaks the contract through no fault of Slide Sigma.
  4. Slide Sigma reserves the right to refuse or terminate service to you for any reason not prohibited by law. We reserve the right to refuse continuing work with you upon acts or threats of disruptive behavior, abusive and/or offensive language, including intimidation, harassment and/or coercion, or slander which involve or affect our operation. Abusive communications in any form (e-mail, phone, in person, social media.) are strictly not tolerated. No refund would be provided in case of abusive communications.
  5. Hosting Service and Domain

Slide Sigma does not offer hosting services or domain services. The client is responsible for finding a hosting provider and a domain name. If you do not have a domain and hosting service, we can perform the service for you. If we perform the service for you, you are responsible for paying the fees for the hosting service, domain, and for the time spent performing these services.

  1. Supply of Materials

You are responsible for providing us with legal material / content which is necessary for the development of your project. You agree that by submitting these materials, which can include but are not limited to: stock images, videos, music, themes and/or logos, that you are the full legal owner of this content and that you are authorized to use and distribute this material. You must agree to release Slide Sigma from any and all legal liability from claims or legal actions related to the content that you have provided us to use on your website.

  • Subcontracting

We reserve the right to subcontract any services we see fit. We (and any subcontractors we engage) agree that we will not at any time disclose any of your confidential information to any third party.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Slide Sigma does not guarantee that your project or website will be on the first page of Google.

  1. Edits and Revisions

The client is entitled to one round of edits within reasonable limits. If the first round of edits takes more than three hours to complete, the client agrees to pay Slide Sigma $60 for every hour after that until the completion of edits. Subsequent rounds of edits are subject to a fee of $100 per hour.

  1. Ownership and Copyright

Slide Sigma reserves all legal rights and ownership of its own designs, programming, graphics, and designs that have been created or written by Slide Sigma, and which have been custom-developed specifically for the client’s project. Slide Sigma reserves the right to use or link to to any projects that Slide Sigma is commissioned and authorized to build or create on blog posts, social media websites, print media, and various websites throughout the internet. Slide Sigma reserves the right to resell custom projects, work and services which have not been paid for by the original client and that are not in legal use by the client.

  1. Customer Testimonials

By providing a verbal, written, voice, or video testimonial to Slide Sigma, you agree to this testimonial being linked to, used, displayed and shared for marketing and advertising purposes on social media, websites on the internet, printed media if applicable, with our affiliates, and through all other avenues we see fit. A client cannot rescind a testimonial provided to Slide Sigma and Slide Sigma reserves all rights to the testimonial provided by a client. By providing a testimonial to Slide Sigma, you hereby agree to these terms and release Slide Sigma from any legal liability regarding the use of your testimonial.

  • Credit and Footer Link

All websites that are developed, built or designed by Slide Sigma will have a link displayed on the footer of the website that will link back to Slide Sigma. By using any web design or development service from Slide Sigma, you understand and agree that this link may not be altered or removed without consent provided in writing by Slide Sigma. To receive consent to remove or alter the link, you must pay a fee of $2500.00 USD. The removal of the link without a fee is only applicable if the entirety of the website’s design and development is changed, such as if the client builds a new website and hired a different web design company to do so. Removing or altering the link without consent from Slide Sigma is considered a violation of these terms and will result in legal action.

  • Chargebacks

Slide Sigma will not negotiate with the person or organization issuing a chargeback for services rendered by us. Slide Sigma will take any and all legal action necessary to dispute the chargeback. Upon the issuing of a chargeback, the client surrenders any and all ownership rights to the project immediately and you agree to cease any use of the service, website, or project developed by Slide Sigma.

  • Agreement

By making a deposit with Slide Sigma, you hereby acknowledge that you agree to these Terms of Service. Slide Sigma reserves the right to make alterations to this Terms of Service agreement and its elements at any time, without prior notice.

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