Full Functionality Across All Platforms

Whether your clients prefer to use tablets, notebooks or smartphones, your website should perform the same functions and be optimized for ease-of-use and accessibility. Our web developers ensure that your website performs flawlessly regardless of the medium, and uses targeted call to action placement methodologies that are unique to each display.



Your products and services are as diverse as the team you manage. We don't just work based on hierarchies, we collaborate with your whole team to exchange ideas and reach your desired goals while simultaneously uncovering better opportunities to reach new targets.

  • We don't work based on hierarchies
  • We learn your business and uncover new opportunities.


Our Capabilities exceed expectations

  • We align our marketing strategies with the most recent technology Our development process is based on industry insights and a purposeful strategy
  • Slide Sigma's experts constantly apply brand-building approaches that build trust and familiarity
  • Your experience is a top priority. We don't just assume we know what you want, we listen to you, and suggest ideas that align with your needs. If you aren't fully satisfied, neither are we.


The technical, marketing, commercial, and security data of your website is a private entity of your business. Your data and information are secure when you work with us. We constantly upgrade and alter our security measures and use award-winning encryption and cloud security and software that prevents information leaks and guarantees that your information is secure.

  • 100% Secure shared CMS Folder
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)



Every phase of your project is attended to, even when the work is done. Our team builds projects for the long-term, and we follow up with you after the work has been completed to make sure that you're satisfied, and attend to any functionality issues you may have.

  • We were created to serve the interests of our clients.
  • We seek long-term results that efficiently balance return
  • We follow up with clients after project to check on end result
  • We build our techniques to create strategies and conducted results


We guarantee 100% Security. Our projects can be audited by professional researchers at Dewhurst Security and our security methods are actively maintained and updated constantly.

  • We guarantee 100% Security. Our projects can be audited by professional
  • Researchers at Dewhurst Security and our security methods are actively maintained and updated constantly.


Slide Sigma's dedication to client satisfaction starts with quality improvement. We apply Six Sigma strategies that guarantee top-tier quality.

  • Process Improvement Methodologies That Get Results
  • A Team Of Highly Trained Professionals
  • Applying Our Goals To Enhance Your Success

An Established Company since 2003

Slide Sigma Sequel 2 released date 2012, since then we are constantly improving in terms of Marketing approach, services and customer support.

True Premium Quality

Out of over 350 project ratings, our website has received a whooping 99% five star ratings.

Dedicated Support

In addition to our growing FAQ database, our experienced team is working day and night to help you with product related issues.

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