Social Media Marketing

Slide Sigma provides full-service search engine optimization services that span social media platforms, not just search engines. We manage, update, and design the content of your preferred social media platform and generate content that’s shared, liked, and talked about Our social media marketing strategy is developed based on your targeted audience and aligns with the external and internal culture of your business. Our marketing team supports and manages social campaigns that are socially sensitive and conscious, plans worthwhile content, establishes connections with bloggers and monitors the efficacy of that content.
Connect with your audience, create compelling short videos and answer questions about your brand through our social media strategy that places you in control of your social presence. We help you share your content with an effective social media marketing strategy that yields profitable results. Share your content on social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Periscope and LinkedIn and discover the difference that a solid social media presence has on your bottom line

Connect With Your Clients

Drive traffic, establish trust, and convert visitors to clients through strong social media presence

Social Media Brand Monitoring

Our social media marketing strategy includes brand monitoring to understand how you brand is being received online. 

We use

Advanced software programs that monitor your social mentions, assess the engagement levels of your social media platforms, and understand where the conversions are coming from. All of this information is collected and exported onto one easy-to-manage platform

With content

That appeals to your target audience, we leverage trends that are compatible to our business structure, increasing likes, retweets, mentions and shares across the social media network. This also increases the likelihood of your client base sharing your services within their sphere of influence on the web

Brand Awareness

How familiar is your target audience with your brand? At Slide Sigma, we implement social media marketing strategies that create brand awareness.

Depending on

Your business, product, or service, we generate relevant content that engages users and prompts action. We do this by taking the time to familiarize ourselves with your business and using that information to develop social media content that compliments your brand.

Social Media Content

Our marketing team creates compelling content that increases traffic and leads visitors to your website.

Customized Social Network Profile Setup and Design

We customize and setup your social media profiles to enhance the aesthetic quality of your brand.

Through the

Creation of custom content, high-quality design, and an understanding of how clients react to your brand, we manage your social media profiles and imbed content that drives sales due to its relevance and value

Slide Sigma’s team

Develops the content and works closely with you to ensure that the message aligns with your business structure. We then post this content, schedule new content, engage with users and answer their queries and minimize the likelihood of negative stars or reviews 

Full Management of Social Media presence

We offer full social media management services.

Turn Social Media to your advantage

We deliver an outstanding service custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.

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