One of the most effective marketing strategies with a staggering Return On Investment, e-mail marketing is here to stay. Slide Sigma’s development team create targeted e-mail marketing campaigns that are specifically aimed at your desired audience.

Successful marketers understand the importance of e-mail marketing, as it provides an instant communication option that is not only inexpensive and far-reaching, but also one that aims to establish relationships, build trust and presence, and most importantly, sell your product or service.

Businesses use e-mail marketing to exchange valuable information to their clients for their time. This is performed through one of the most accessible, instant, and private ways - the user’s inbox. Applying a strategy that factors time and attention limits, our team avoids e-mail marketing campaigns that seem like any other newsletter and generate material that’s valuable and relevant to your clients needs.

The Best Email Marketing Business Strategy
Our team applies a customized e-mail marketing strategy tailored to your business or niche. Our strategy adapts to your business model and is developed to appeal to your target audience. This ensures that your campaign is always unique, relevant, and effective.

Email Marketing Campaigns
We develop e-mail marketing campaigns that take into consideration not only what to place, but how to place it. Our pitch placement strategies ensure a non-intrusive experience and we market your services professionally, with follow-up, e-mail marketing management systems, and real value to your customers

Email Template Design
We design attractive templates for your e-mail marketing strategy that is based on your brand. Visually designed email template themes add vitality to the content of your message and are more aesthetically pleasing than the ineffective yet widely-used black text / white background standard

Tracking and Reporting
Slide Sigma receives detailed reports concerning the reception of your e-mail marketing strategy. At your request, we provide you with reporting and tracking Information such as the number of people who opened your newsletter, how they responded and if this client interacted with the material within. This information is instantly available, allowing you to adapt your strategy based on reception and solid data in real-time

Establish Trust With Your Clients By Adopting Email Marketing Strategies That Exchange Value

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