Client Avatar

A multifaceted understanding of your customer

Identify Potential Client

Understand the personality and character that makes up your ideal client

Customer Profile

Create a virtual portrait of your ideal customer’s profile that can help you make decisions and provide services that serves your clients better

Customer Persona in Marketing

Develop a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data from existing customers

What Is A Client Avatar?

Your client avatar is basically a virtual portrait of your ideal customer. This portrait includes several elements and characteristics that make your clients who they are. Building this profile helps you understand the behavior of your target audience

What Characteristics Make Up A Client Avatar?

Almost anything you can think of. From general demographic information such as gender, age and location to annual income and challenges, a lot of information goes into building the ideal client avatar. This information is categorized into sections based on its relevance to your business model, and includes demographics, goals and values, their main sources of information, pain points, and role in the purchase process

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