Lotto Diamond Pool

Lotto Diamond Pool free app for Android and IOS provides lotto players with a platform where they can create teams (office pools, family members and friends) to increase chance in winning a Jack Pot

The Challenge

The Foundation needed a fully functional and visually appealing website that promoted the goals of our foundation, which includes educating the lay public and the medical profession.

Project Components

  • IOS Application
  • Android Application
  • Application Back-end
  • WordPress Dynamic Website
  • User Profile Portal
  • Blog
  • WordPress Back-End
  • Full Social Media Presence

N# of Pages


Time Frame


The Solution

Establish The Foundation's Online Presence

Phase 1

We met to talk about the vision we had for the first app, and they have begun to write the code for it. I can't tell you more about the technical part of the process because we are not the technical group of people, we are just the idea group of people.

We talked to four freelancers and more than six established app-developing companies before deciding on Slidesigma. The companies I spoke with asked for too much money for the project. I interviewed the guys at Slidesigma, we had a couple of meetings, and I could see they had the same vision I did for the app. They told me what they could do with the app, and where we could take it, and that’s how we decided to go with them.

We’ve invested about $6,000 so far, and by the end of the app development, we’ll have invested around $12,000. The ongoing technical support relationship will probably bring the total up to around $25,000.

We started working together in October 2016, and our work is ongoing.



They deserve more than five points when compared to other companies.




They were always on time, they developed the project and kept in the know in each millstone.




Amazing quality of work. Highly recommended.


They’re very comparable to other companies in their field.




I highly recommend them.


The Solution

Build from the ground up

Phase 2

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