The Kulfi Co.

Kulfi /Kʊlfiː/ Is A Popular Frozen Dairy Dessert From The Indian Subcontinent. It Was Prepared In Royal Kitchens Using Natural Ice Brought In From The Highest Mountains In The Himalayas

The Challenge

The Kulfi Co. is an ice cream startup company. It is an Indian dessert. I started this company when I was in graduate school at Columbia. Since then, it's been a drawn out process of building a brand, a company, and an audience.

Project Components

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Pitch Deck
  • Product Design
  • Video presentation

N# of Pages


Time Frame


The Solution

Establish The Foundation's Online Presence

Phase 1

Slidesigma was very good with doing animated presentations and leveraging my brand through graphic design. They were very good at picking a soundtrack and targeting the content added value with making edits, adding creativity, and just doing things that the average person is not capable of doing. With animations and effects, Slidesigma really drove it home.

I basically just did a random search. It’s very hard to find people you can trust that are actually good at what they do. We started talking, and that’s how I was introduced to Hamza, the owner of Slidesigma. From there, I gave him my ideas of what I wanted to achieve, what I had already, and how I wanted to put a voice to it. It was a very personal and professional process working with him. Hamza listened to me; he let me do my part and he did his while never speaking over me. He had a lot of patience with edits, corrections, feedback, and meetings. He did a great job over the course of a couple of weeks.

Their prices are comparable to the going rate in the industry.

We worked together from November to December 2015.

The Solution

Build from the ground up

Phase 2

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