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The Challenge

I used Slidesigma to create a client dashboard and portal to increase the ease of communication and exchange of data between myself, my clients and my employees. We also worked on a new website.

Project Components

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Responsive Website Design
  • You-tube Channel Management
  • Agency Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization (Schema)

N# of Pages


Time Frame


The Solution

Establish The Foundation's Online Presence

Although I’m not very technically savvy, I know that Slidesigma helped us with a lot of custom design, specifically for the website. They also made video sliders and an entire website platform in WordPress for my business.

I had heard about the owner, Hamza, through another company. I emailed him, and he was incredibly responsive. I heard back from him, literally, within the hour, and it was at night. That was impressive to me. Within a day, we had an in-person meeting, and he was very impressive, polite and professional. I felt confidence working with him.

Their prices are comparable to the going rate in the industry.

The portal and the dashboard were one project, and the website was the other. Since then, Slidesigma has worked on them simultaneously. The website is completely done, but we are still in the finishing processes with the dashboard and the portal. We still need to test it and have actual clients use it. We are going to wait until the end of the year to experiment and gradually implement it within our company.



It was a great experience, it remains a great experience, and I plan to continue working with them.




Slidesigma is very attentive, responsive and immediate.




They definitely deliver high-quality work.


I think the cost is fair.




I would definitely recommend them.


The Solution

Build from the ground up

Phase 2

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